Rainbow Project

The Rainbow project began its life in 2001 as a project of St Stephens Church, Hyson Green in response to a vision of being the ‘Rainbow people of God.’ A high number of destitute asylum seekers arriving in Nottingham and seeking help and a place of safety to practice their faith and engage with others required a response. The Rainbow Project Coordinator’s salary is provided by a grant from the Diocese.

The Project offers help and support in various forms by;
Practical help – visiting, providing food parcels etc.
Providing advocacy and writing letters of support and accompanying to appointments
Assessment and then referral to other organisations if needed
Awareness training
Giving talks to other churches, organsiations and events.
Social events
Days of prayer

The Rainbow Project seeks to embrace racial diversity within the churches and justice for all. Our work is underpinned by working in diverse multi-faith manner. As people progress from asylum to refugee status we found that they entered a second round of destitution just before being given the requirements for citizenship. This encouraged us to form a sister project called the Welcome Project. We now work with refugees mainly from a graduate background to gain employment for them in a mentor and mentee structure. This has been very successful as it has provided refugee graduates with valuable work experience which has led to a 96% to going on to gainful employment.

Key Contact: Adam Baker, Project Coordinator
Tel: 07462 092732
E-mail: coordinator@nottinghamrainbowproject.org.uk