New roles for Diocesan Younger Leadership College

Three new roles have been announced in the Diocesan Younger Leadership College to help it continue its work to ‘Commission 1,000 younger leaders 15-30 inspired and equipped to serve God’s purposes in the world, growing churches, shaping culture and transforming society’.

The appointments will help build further on the very positive outcomes that have been achieved since the launch of YLC in November 2016.

To date, over 600 young people have actively participated in programmes and events led by YLC, including formation groups for Disciples as Leaders, the Executive Leadership Programme in school sixth forms, Workplace Sector Mentoring, regular leadership gatherings, as well as the Barnabas network of younger leaders.

From September, a new Apprentice Track for full-time interns will be introduced that will also be open to other younger people who work/study within any part of the diocese. This will provide a challenging and inspiring formational experience for disciples who want to grow as servant leaders. It will focus on learning to walk in the Way of Jesus with opportunity for exploring and embodying the core spiritual practices that Jesus taught and modelled in his own life. We believe this is central to fostering the character of Christ-like leadership among a rising generation.

The Apprentice Track will work alongside other continuing aspects of the YLC work, especially in secondary schools and church-based youth groups, as well as those churches working intentionally among students.

The roles previously within the YLC have been reconfigured and these are now:

Grace Gilmour-Jones continues with the YLC and has taken on the role of Operations and Programmes Co-ordinator to oversee the co-ordination, administration and events planning for all activities within YLC, as well as communications and marketing; she will be the first point of contact for the YLC.

Following an interview process, Duncan Dean has been appointed to the role of  YLC Apprentice Formation Facilitator to help shape and deliver the new Apprentice Track working closely with interns and church leaders while delivering a range of dynamic and innovative programmes for leadership and discipleship for 15-30 year olds.

Ruth Lee was also interviewed and has now been appointed YLC Apprentice Engagement Facilitator (0.5 role) which focuses on delivering leadership and discipleship programmes, events and residentials, especially among 15-18s across the diocese, with a particular emphasis on making the most of the opportunities in Church Secondary schools with teams on the Apprentice Track.

Bishop Paul said: “I am delighted that following a very thorough, imaginative and prayerful review of the YLC work we have been able to formulate some exciting plans for what we are calling ‘YLC Chapter 2’. Working closely with local churches that are in the vanguard in developing younger leaders, our new YLC appointments will enable us to connect with many more within this age group across the diocese.”

Further details about the apprentice track and how people can apply, together with a downloadable brochure can be found here: