New Worshipping Community Fund

The NWC fund can give grants from £2,000 to £40,000. An applicant church will need to demonstrate how the receipt of a grant from the fund will significantly advance the plans for a NWC.

The fund is open to all churches who can demonstrate that a grant from Strategic Development Funding  will significantly boost the development of a NWC. A full list of criteria can be found on the application form, as well as an explanation of the application process.

In summary, all churches applying to the fund will be expected to:

  • Clearly demonstrate how it will establish a NWC
  • Have the support of the Archdeacon and engagement with the Bishop’s Core Team, ensuring that the development of the NWC is part of strategic conversations
  • Provide a contribution from the benefice/parish

For larger amounts, churches will be expected to:

  • Have a Growing Disciples Plan in place
  • Ensure training needs are met/being met (e.g. engagement with Explore Church Planting Course, The Plant Course, Real Life and LLM training, as appropriate).
  • Have a committed team to deliver the NWC in place
  • Demonstrate a clear commitment as part of a strategic plan to regrow the sending church with potential to send again in the future – a sense of growing to give away

How to apply for a grant