Nifty Notes: Holy Week & Easter Special Edition

This month’s special edition of Nifty Notes on ‘The Resurrection of Hope’ is now available to read online.

Along with the usual community stories and diocese news from the last month, Bishop Andy Emerton has written a piece entitled ‘Holding onto Hope’, acknowledging the difficulty and heartache of the past year, but reminding us of the hope on the horizon. Not just the hope that comes with the vaccine roll-out, but the true hope that the Easter story brings. Here’s a snippet of his message:

‘True hope does not come because of a vaccine, or because of the possibility of life getting back to normal. True hope does not come from glossing over suffering or trivialising everything that we have been through over this last year. True hope comes because death does not have the last word: with Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus, we begin to realise that on the third day Christ was raised to life. On Easter day hope rises.’

Read the full piece, as well as information on Holy Week and Easter events in the diocese, an introduction to the new Archdeacon of Newark, some thoughts from a local school on the return to classrooms, and plenty more in the full edition linked below.

Nifty Notes Easter 2021 Special Edition