Open Churches Weekends

Churches across the diocese will be offering an extra welcome to visitors in July as part of the Open Churches Weekends initiative.

Many of the churches are already open year round but for the weekends of 7th & 8th and 21st & 22nd  they will be offering extra services and an array of events such as concerts, tower tours, cream teas and fetes.

It’s a great opportunity to showcase beautiful, historic buildings and to highlight their role as places of contemplation and worship.

More than 120 churches across the diocese are taking part in the Open Weekends – you can download a brochure below to find out exactly what is happening at each location

The Revd David McCoulough, Director of Partnerships and Mission for the diocese, said: “We are so fortunate to have such a rich variety of historical buildings in our towns and villages to visit; places of prayer and worship, centres of community life and service.

“Growing Disciples: Wider, Younger, Deeper is at the heart of our mission in every community and I hope these weekends will be opportunities to welcome new visitors and old friends and neighbours, and to establish the beginnings of new relationships.”

Download the brochure here

Download a rewritable A4 poster to promote your weekend

Download a rewriteable A5 flyer to promote your weekend