Ancient ‘coffin walk’ is part of Bishop’s 5 day prayer walk through Notts communities

Tracing the steps of an ancient ‘coffin walk’ in DH Lawrence country will be just one of the journeys taken by the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham on his annual ‘prayer walk’ this year.


Each year the Bishop, the Rt Revd Paul Butler, embarks on a walk through some of the communities and parishes of the county over a five day period and covering about 30 miles. This year he will start the walk in Hucknall on Wednesday 15th May, where the charity Under One Roof will welcome him and send him on his way with a bacon butty.


The ‘coffin walk’ * to Greasley parish church will take the Bishop across the fields and will trace the route parishioner used to take hundreds of years ago, before the roads were built, transporting coffins from the chapel of rest at Brinsley Church to Greasley where they were buried. Before the walk, the Bishop will visit the Farmhouse Kitchen, which was known as The Yew Tree when DH Lawrence wrote about it in his novel, ‘An Odour of Chrysanthemums’. This book also describes the railway track from Selston, through Underwood to Brinsley which is part of the coffin walk.