Play: ‘Swan Canaries’- Arletty Theatre Company

Friday 29th June 2018

Performed in a hangar close to the site of the explosion.

For events at Chetwynd Barracks, you need to give your first name and surname, address and post code and vehicle registration number. You will need to bring photo ID – driving licence, bus pass or passport – and arrive at the main gates well before the start time for document checking. Parking is available inside the barracks.

Location: Chetwynd Barracks, Swiney Way, Toton, NG9 5HA.

Cost: Tickets £5. 7.30pm (Arrive between 6.15pm and 7pm).

For more information: Deadline for securing seats 16th June –from St Mary’s Church Office 0115 925 4385 or