Priest eating again after 40-day fast

Priest Keith Hebden has finished his 40-day fast and is now eating again.

The Revd Dr Hebden, who survived on a daily glass of orange juice and water left over after cooking vegetables, broke his fast with pureed cauliflower. He has to be careful about what he eats as he reintroduces his body to food.

The fast was part of the national End Hunger Fast campaign which highlighted the plight of more than half a million people in the UK who are dependent on free food handouts.

The campaign was supported by more than 20 Bishops and other faith leaders across the country.

“I’m gently weaning back onto food now and feel great,” said The Revd Hebden, who is the Associate Minister at St Mark’s and St Peter’s, Mansfield.

“It’s been an incredible experience to fast in this way, knowing that thousands of people of faith and of good faith were also fasting in different ways.

“I believe fasting is prayer and prayer effects change and hope that what we do with End Hunger Fast will have changed us personally and will change things structurally too. I felt fit and healthy on the last day of the fast but am certainly happy to start eating again!

“The campaign has involved thousands of people and media outlets and has been supported by organisations on the frontline of working to combat emergency and long term hardship in the UK; but the real work begins with the hope of Easter – new life; the kingdom of God.”