Primary school turns toilet-twinning into an art…

Designing loo seats and making play dough ‘poo’ were just two of the things that children at Dean Hole Primary at Caunton did in their quest to achieve toilet twinning status for their village.

Retiring Head of School, Ann Clark explains: “ I had heard about the Global Neighbours Award at Diocesan Church School Leaders Conference and thought it would be great for our school. We began a whole year of Africa as a topic and then set about designing loo seats and making the playdough poo, looked at what toilets in Africa were like and researched the history of British loos.”

The school – one of the smallest in the county with just 40 pupils – launched their Toilet Twinning on World Toilet Day last November. They had a ‘wear blue for the loo’ day and paid £1 to watch the film ‘Flushed Away’ with a bucket for ‘loos’ change in the playground for parents to contribute.

The children got the story out into the community – Years 3 and 4 wrote to Newfield Dairy, pubs, the church, parish council, the village singers… and Years 5 and 6 are working on a power point presentation to the invited guests. The Dairy have twinned, so have St Andrew’s Church, the parish council and the village singers.

More money has been raised enabling three more toilets in Key Stage 1 and two more in Key Stage 2 – so in total there are now 10 twinned toilets, which is the number required to achieve toilet twinning village status – and which also must include three different types of establishments.

“They’ve done really well, and enjoyed it,” said Ann – who retires at the end of term after 25 years with the school . “They can find the grid references where the toilets have gone in Africa and the children have voted each time where they wanted them.”

The pupils have also made footballs and skipping ropes from plastic bags, which they play with as African children do, and these will also be sent off as evidence as part of their project to achieve the Global Neighbours award, a kite mark for schools from Christian Aid, whose aim is to support children in becoming courageous advocates, recognising they can bring about change in their locality and across the world.


Photos show Esther, Harry, Teddy, Rowan, Amelia and Georgie (with Head of School, Ann Clark).

Also Ann with the Village Twinning Award.