Real LIFE questions


What is Real LIFE?

Real LIFE is a discipleship course designed to envision, empower and equip God’s people in making the life-long journey of following-after Christ.  The course is made-up of three ten-week blocks (Life CORE, Life CREDO and Life STORY), which in their own different ways will look at ten aspects of discipleship that emerge from the teaching and example of Jesus in Luke 9.  To hear more about Real LIFE, watch this short video.

Do I have to do all three ten-week blocks of Real LIFE?

No, you can register for the first ten-week block (Life CORE) only.

Who can take the course?

Anyone who wants to follow-after Jesus and into real life, and who, therefore, wants to dig deeper into the wonderful gift of knowing God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and the impact a follower of Christ and the church can have in the world today.  This includes those who consider themselves early on in their Christian faith as well as those who have been Christians for many years.

Is the course open to people from any church?

Yes.  The course is run by the School of Discipleship which is part of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham in the Church of England, but people from other church denominations and people from outside the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham are also very welcome to attend.

Where can I do Real LIFE?

Real LIFE is running at three different venues across the Diocese on three different nights of the week:

Tuesdays: St Giles, West Bridgford | NG2 6AY
Wednesdays: St Margaret’s, Aspley | NG8 5GE
Thursdays: St Anne’s (Church Hall), Worksop | S80 1NG

When does the course start?

The course (in all three locations) begins the week commencing 24th September 2018.

What are the timings for each night?

7.20pm Doors Open
7.30pm Coffee & Cake
7.45pm Opening Worship
8.05pm Talk, Group Discussions and Q&A
9.20pm Closing Worship
9.30pm End

Who will be teaching on the course?

The teaching will be given by Revd Kate Byrom (Vicar of St Peter’s, Ravenshead), Revd Will Foulger (Curate at Trinity Church, Nottingham), and Revd Dr David Emerton (Principal of the School of Discipleship).

Are there resources or handouts each week?

Each speaker will provide you with a printed handout to accompany their PowerPoint.  However, we recommend you bring a notebook and pen each week to take your own (additional) notes.

How will I learn on Real LIFE?

The School of Discipleship believes that learning should take place in the context of worship and is best done in community.  As such, you will learn through connecting with God and each other in the context of shared hospitality and corporate worship, as well as in group discussion times to explore and discuss what you have heard in the talk.  The talk is usually around 30 minutes, with 30 minutes for group discussions and 15 minutes for Q&A, but this will vary slightly from week to week.

What happens if I miss a week?

Each week we will audio and video record the main teaching session and (if required) make it available to people as soon as possible.  However, we recommend you come along to the sessions as much as possible, so you can get the most from the talk and the conversations that follow, both in group discussions and the Q&A, as well as from the worship and hospitality.

Can I swap between venues?

When you register for Real LIFE you will be asked to register for one of the three venues, and as such that is the venue you are expected to attend each week.

How do I register for Real LIFE?

You can register for Real LIFE by visiting and clicking on the Real LIFE ‘click here to sign up’ link on the website’s homepage: this will then open an online registration form which you will need to fill in.

Is there an age limit?

No, although those under 18 will need parental consent to attend and take part in Real LIFE: to request a copy of the Real LIFE Parental Consent Form please contact Catriona Gundlach at or 01636 817232.

How much does the course cost?

There is no charge for Real LIFE.

Who do I contact if I have more questions or problems with registering?

If you have problems with registering for Real LIFE, then please contact Catriona Gundlach at or 01636 817232.  If you have more questions about the course itself, then please contact Revd Dr David Emerton at or 01636 817240.