Rev’d Wendy champions Notts Deaf Community

A vicar from Carlton has learnt sign language in order to help the Deaf Community in Nottingham.

The Rev’d Wendy Murphy, from St Paul’s Church, explains: “Last year an email came round from Director of Partnership’s & Mission for the Diocese, the Revd David McCullough to ask if anyone was interested in learning BSL (British Sign Language) so that there could be some pastoral care given to the Deaf Community in Nottingham. I was really excited to receive this email, as some 30 years ago I actually did a Level 1 qualification.”

Sunday services are normally held once a month and Wendy has been meeting up with the 50+ group on a Wednesday afternoon. She has also been having a one to one lesson and is well on her way to Level O3, which will bring her back up to the old Level 1.

“I am now officially Chaplain to the Deaf Community in Nottingham, licensed by Bishop Tony Porter on Ash Weds, the 26th February at the Deaf Club, what a blessing! It is such a joy to minister to the people and they in turn minister right back to me in a totally accepting way.

“I’m so much looking forward to the day when we can all meet together again. I give thanks with a grateful heart.”

Photo shows Wendy being licensed by Bishop Tony as Chaplain to the Deaf Community.