Rowan reflects on prayer at Bishops’ Study Day.

Dr Rowan Williams, was the keynote speaker at the Bishops’ Study Day on 2nd June in Southwell Minster. He is also giving the Southwell Lecture on 19th June.

The day began and ended with worship at 10:30-3:30pm, with lunch provided and had prayer as its central theme.

Director of Ministry & Mission, the Revd Nigel Rooms, who organised the day said:

“Rowan Williams led the gathered licensed ministers of the diocese in a deep and prayerful study day thinking about contemplation and action. His experience, knowledge and wisdom of the Christian spiritual tradition was on full display and it was a joy to listen to him and his responses to some of the more knotty questions raised by participants about prayer. Quote of the day is probably his opening line; “prayer is not something you get better at but an environment you get used to.”

Chief Executive, Nigel Spraggins said:  “It was an excellent day, Dr Williams was very clear and thought provoking.”

There were nine workshops available and delegates were asked to choose two, from:

Music into Stillness on the Way of Christ ; The Rule of St Benedict as a guide to modern life; They Hesychast Tradition: The importance of the Jesus Prayer in the Eastern Church; The Southwell Pilgrimage – Following Jesus on the Way: Exploring prayer and pilgrimage; Julian Meetings: Seeking God in silent contemplation; The Ignatian Tradition of attention to God in all things –praying the examen; Creative Meditative Prayer; Praying with Icons; Praying with the Senses.

To listen to the speech that Dr Williams gave on 2nd June click here

Rowan Williams with Nigel Rooms 1 -JW