Seeking Justice Prayers

In 2013, our focus as a diocese is ‘Seeking Justice’, one of the strands of our diocesan vision ‘Joining Together in the Transforming Mission of God.’ 


Pray for an End to Poverty


Creator God,
You loved the world into life.
Forgive us when our dreams of the future
are shaped by anything other
than glimpses of a kingdom of justice, peace
and an end to poverty.
Incarnate God,
you taught us to speak out for what is right.
Make us content with nothing less than a world
that is transformed into the shape of love,
where poverty shall be no more.
Breath of God,
let there be abundant life.
Inspire us with the vision of poverty over,
and give us the faith, courage and will
to make it happen. ending-poverty.aspx



Pray for the Global Financial Crisis


God of all the world,
give us wisdom in troubled times.
As we realise how fragile our systems of security are, remind us how much more fragile they are for those who have nothing.
As we talk of financial crisis, remind us of the true financial crisis for those who go to bed hungry.
As we face challenges over our own resources,
remind us that you teach us to share what we have.
Inspire us to live in a Christ-like way,
and to bring your peace to a world in turmoil.



Pray for the Homeless


Loving God,
whose home has many mansions,
we raise up to you
all who have no home to call their own.
Help them to find the strength,
resilience and resources they need
to meet the challenges of each day.
May they find shelter, warmth and hospitality as they journey through life. Amen

© Alison Gelder, 2012


Pray for Justice and Peace


Almighty God, Creator of the universe,
I feel hopeless in the face of our world’s suffering:
yet I offer back to you the only thing I can –
my ordinary , everyday life.
I ask you to take it into your hands
that it may be used to bring even a flicker
of justice in your world: a candle for peace.
And not just today, Lord,
but through the coming days
as I move in your Spirit of love.


Adapted from ‘An Iona Prayer Book’ by Peter Millar



Pray for our current justice projects running in partnership with Christian Aid and Church Urban Fund



Loving God, you make us in your image.
Forgive us
when we fail to see your image in each other,
when we give in to greed and indifference.
Create in us a desire to support and uphold
people living with disabilities,
especially those in the Middle East.
As we are made in your image, let us live in your image and be Christ-like in service and love
for these our brothers and sisters. ending-poverty.aspx (adapted)



Dear Lord,
Help us to follow your example,
by looking out for those who each day feel that they are marginalised,
who cannot find hope,
who believe that they have little to offer,
who are overcome by the challenges of poverty.
Help us to widen our horizons,
to make space for the stranger,
to watch out for those who feel invisible,
to give time to the outsider,
to talk to the person facing silence,
to restore justice and value.
Give us the courage to undertake this,
the determination to join with others
in seeing grace in every human face, and
the faith to embrace the opportunity in your name. (adapted)