Synod backs Royal Commission on future of health and social care

General Synod has called on the Government to set up a Royal Commission on how health and social care can be funded and delivered in the next two decades.

Members unanimously supported a motion brought by the Diocese of Carlisle today, endorsing a House of Lords report on the future of the NHS.

The report, Long-term Sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care, (published last April) made over 30 recommendations on areas relating to integration of services – particularly of health and social services, patient responsibility, and funding.

The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, who worked for 30 years in the NHS and was the Government’s Chief Nursing Officer, was among those who spoke in the debate. She said: “Despite its challenges I’ve seen some of the best care in the world. In this year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary I would like to pay tribute to those who had courage to establish it but also to those who continue to work within it.”

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