We welcome the return of Confirmation Services in the diocese

April saw the welcome return of Confirmation Services in two of our parishes, the first this year, as Christians of all ages chose to confirm their baptised faith in Jesus.

Services were held at St. Lukes Gamston and The Potting Shed to welcome and confirm fourteen candidates in services, carefully carried out under socially distanced settings. 

St Lukes, Gamston 

On 25 April West Bingham Deanery held their first confirmations since the beginning of lockdown restrictions in a socially distanced service. 

Milly Fraser, Steve Keene, Eleanor Meese, and Daisy Sharpe who worship at St Lukes Church, Gamston & Bridgford, and Elizabeth Ann Constante who worships at All Hallows, Lady Bay were confirmed.  

Eleanor Meese said: “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel that I knew God and I am excited to have the opportunity to publicly show and proclaim my faith for myself… Getting confirmed at St Luke’s is really special because this is where I have been blessed with support and encouragement throughout my childhood.”  

Milly Fraser said: “I have grown up in a Christian family and been really involved in the church and today, I am really excited to stand and take ownership of my faith. It’s so good to be a part of such an amazing church family, who support each other as we walk together with Jesus.”  

Daisy Sharpe said: “I have grown up in a family of faith. Worship and singing has been a really important part of my journey of faith, and today is definitely the time for me to share my faith with the church, my family and friends.”  

Jonathan Mole, Curate at St. Lukes shared with us,
“There is an African saying often quoted at St Luke’s that it takes a whole village to raise a child.  The confirmation was a demonstration of how God has done this in our church family.  It was a special occasion for our church to celebrate this special day in the life of three of our young people who have grown up in our midst, to bless them and see them taking this public step. 

After a year of separation with restrictions it was so good to get together both in person and on line and to have such a joyful celebration of hope and signs of God’s blessing on us.” 

Bishop Andy Emerton who led the service, said: “It was a delight to be at St. Lukes Gamston and have the privilege of confirming people ranging in age from 18 to 80 – young and old taking the courageous step of a public commitment to faith in Jesus Christ.” 

The Potting Shed 

On Sunday 2 May, Vicar of the Potting Shed church, the Rev’d Alison Jones, was delighted to welcome Bishop Andy to lead their Service of baptism and confirmation with Mary StothersPeter PadleyDawn HelliwellAngela AlmondAlan HaggertyGail HaggertyAra HartleyJenny Bond, and Greg Wilson. Bishop Andy Emerton also joined the service.

Ara and Greg were baptised, and Jenny re-affirmed her Baptism promises. The three of them then joined everyone else in being confirmed. 

After his baptism, Greg Wilson shared with us: “This day was equal to my Wedding Day in terms of Joyous and Euphoric moments; however, it was far more Spiritual and it has served in washing away all my fears and concerns about life .making me feel extremely peaceful and even content with life.  

I am sleeping far better than I have ever and I have a greater zest for life…I am more than happy for you to share this with everyone and I don’t mind being specifically mentioned because I would like to inspire anyone to take the plunge, pardon the pun, in certifying their Faith.” 

Ara Hartley also shared with us, “I never thought I’d be confirmed in a Barn! But that only added to the beauty and significance of the occasion. The Potting Shed service was made so special, so blessed, and one I will always remember.”  

I was so apprehensive about Baptism but it wasn’t what I expected. It was a lovely experience. I do wish I’d done it sooner. You were very accommodating and it worked well for me. I’d recommend people to put any apprehension to one side and talk to their minister.”