Working together on Mitzvah Day

Daniela Pears, Interfaith chair of the charity Mitzvah Day, attended a multi-faith gathering at a Nottingham mosque to invite people to take part in an event that encourages people of all faiths to work together to help the poor.

At a meeting in Bobbers Mill that included Christians, Muslim and Jews she said the benefits of working together were enormous.

She encouraged those gathered to rally support in their communities for Mitzvah Day, an event that motivates people of all faiths to work together to help the poor and excluded – it is about giving time, not money.

“Mitzvah Day gives an opportunity to engage on a platform of doing good deeds together which creates the opportunity to make friends and to find out more about each other,” she said.

“If you can bring local people together you are able to start friendships, you talk about families and other things that are important to you and you realise how much you have in common. Cooking together is a fabulous thing to do: while we are peeling we are befriending.”

Mitzvah is the Jewish word for doing a good deed and on Mitzvah Day people are encouraged to engage in social action, supporting neighbours, charities, and others in need. Last year more than 40,000 volunteers took part.

The meeting at Bobbers Mill was organised by Bishop Tony Porter, who said: “In the DNA of all faiths is a commitment to serve the poor and less privileged. Serving together means that more people are reached with practical support and friendship.

“Where people of different faiths serve together, trust is established and communities made stronger. Mitzvah Day is a great initiative with a proven track record of service. The faith leaders in Nottingham are good friends and determined to continue together to make Nottingham a great place to live for everybody.”

This year Mitzvah Day is on November 19th. Find out more about it here

Bishop Tony is pictured with Daniela Pears, Dr Musharraf Hussain, and  Clive Foster, who spoke about hate crime in Nottingham