Youth & Children’s strategy launch event success

Last Thursday 25th February, over 200 people from across the diocese gathered on Zoom for the launch night of the Youth and Children’s strategy and the Rebuild Learning Communities. It was a wonderful event with people from a varied range of contexts across the diocese, with all sorts of churches represented.

Bishop Andy and Ruth Lee (Youth & Children’s team) were joined by Josh Cutting and Nikki Williams from Rebuilding Generations. They shared the vision, heard stories and talked of the need to continue to invest in and develop the mission and ministry that the diocese offer amongst children and young people.

Bishop Andy said the evening was, “very encouraging”, and now we are looking forward to, “[seeing] those signups for the upcoming Learning Communities”.

If you would like to see the recording of the evening please click here and for more information about Rebuild, click here.

The Rebuild Learning Communities begin in March as we seek to equip and support those working with the younger generations, whether they are just starting up in this ministry area, or are seeking consolidate and build on what they are already offering in their context, whether that is in churches or schools.

We are so excited to see what God has planned for us, as His people seeking His heart for the children and young people of this diocese. Would you like to join us in this next step? To sign your church up for the learning communities click here.

The dates for the Rebuild Learning Communities are as follows:

#1 – 19th (6-9pm) & 20th (9.30am-2pm) March (Zoom)
#2 – 18th (6-9.30pm) & 19th (8.45-4) June (Venue tbc)
#3 – 8th (6-9.30pm) & 9th (8.45-4) October (Venue tbc)