• Mothers' Union celebrates 140 years

  • 150th Reader Ministry Service

  • Newly-ordained Deacons at Southwell Minster

  • Archeadeacon celebrates 25 years as priest

  • Time Travelling in Minster

  • New Dean of Younger Leadership College

  • Bishop Paul at the County Show

  • Scalextric night at Oxton church

  • Youth Confirmation at the Minster

  • 125th anniversary Nottingham Deaf Society

  • The new Dean of Southwell

  • Racial Justice Weekend


We are the Church of England across Nottinghamshire and parts of South Yorkshire.The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham is a network of over 300 churches in communities right across Nottinghamshire and some parts of South Yorkshire. More


Exploring Faith

Christians believe that faith is a gift and our experience shows that we all come to it in unique ways. Sometimes it feels like we have been searching for God, for others it is as if God has searched us out and found us. There is no one way to explore and find faith.   More>

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