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Social Transformation

Our aim is to Grow Disciples through courageous community engagement – enabling people to encounter God and follow Jesus and helping us to bring about change and social transformation. We step out in faith beyond our church walls, bring attention to those who feel marginalised or forgotten in our communities, and answer God’s call to engage with society in a spirit of humility, generosity and love. 

Social Injustice

We support and equip every parish in the Diocese in serving their communities compassionately, responding to Jesus’ call to “love our neighbour” living out His radical hospitality and welcome to all.

Practical care for our neighbour, action in tackling poverty, and seeking justice are fundamental to demonstrating the love of God to all – they go hand in hand with proclaiming the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in encouraging deeper discipleship from all who follow Him. Our mission demonstrates our concern for the environment, campaigns for those with little or no voice, and practical action for the lost, marginalised, oppressed and forgotten of our own communities.

Our Partnerships and Mission team work together with communities, local authorities, charities, workplace chaplaincies, other churches, and non-Christian faith groups, engaging with the needs of those struggling financially, or feeling socially isolated or alienated, such as rough sleepers, refugees and asylum seekers.

Many of our parishes engage with the needs and challenges of individuals and groups in their communities – working in night shelters, creating foodbanks, helping people struggling with debt, supporting people who live with dementia, and much more. Sherwood is an example of church in action – supporting vulnerable members of their communities, collaborating with partners to offer food and contact with people in their communities who are often isolated, or disadvantaged.


Transforming Notts Together was set up by the Church Urban Fund and the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham as a joint venture to provide support to churches and people who would like to do more in their communities. Our partnership builds and equips local congregations to tackle poverty, debt, dementia, homelessness, loneliness, and greater community cohesion.

Near Neighbours brings religiously and ethnically diverse people together to get to know each other better, build trusted relationships, and collaborate on initiatives to improve their communities. To find out how you can join in, or start a new project visit the Near Neighbours Nottingham hub page or contact Lindsay Cressey.

Nottingham Citizens is an alliance of over 30 civil society institutions comprised of faith groups, charities, trade unions, schools and universities, all working together to make Nottingham a better place to live. Together, we organise communities to act for social justice and the common good, developing the leadership capacity of our members so they can hold our cities’ decision-makers to account on the issues that matter to them.

A Christian charity that helps asylum seekers and refugees to build relationships and navigate the complexities of building a new life in the UK. The diocese is a member of the Multi Agency Forum all working with asylum seekers and refugees to help them settle into the city and county and access the services they need. More information and how to get involved.

“Tell you what… It’s like God has said come into my house and get out of the cold… Because we are all guests walking in the house of God”

A Young Homeless man in living at a church run housing project

Housing Need

Churches and Christian-run projects offer a lifeline to homeless and vulnerably housed people, ranging from night shelters and drop-in centres, to befriending projects. Hundreds of amazing volunteers love and serve, growing in their following of Jesus Christ working with some of the most marginalized people in society. Read The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Homelessness and Communities, “Coming Home”.

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