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New Worshipping Communities

We want to grow churches that reflect and serve the local community. One way of doing that is through the church communities that we already have – collections of people bringing light and life where they live. Alongside those churches, New Worshipping Communities are great ways of reaching out to new people with the good news of Jesus. These communities reach out to new people in new places and in new ways, forming them into communities with worship at the centre. 

Why New Worshipping Communities?

The good news about God’s love for his world is as relevant and critical to our world as it’s always been. We want to take out that message with hands and feet as well as words, into the places where people are:

    Because our communities have changed and our churches are not always in the right place.

Because our society has changed and the ways in which people live, work and play are different.

Because the place of faith in society has changed.

What do they look like?

New Worshipping Communities come in all shapes and sizes. As long as they’re different to what is currently happening, provide a place where people can belong and have worship at the centre it’s recognised as a new worshipping community. Click the video to find out more, or use the link below to hear about out latest stories


New Worshipping Community – Gamston
New Worshipping Community – Worksop

 Resources for New Worshipping Communities

Our Learning Hub has a range of resources, events and courses to help support the growth of churches and New Worshipping Communities, click here to find out more.

Training & Equipping

Exploring Church Planting

If you want to find out more about growing or planting a new worshipping community, then this course is for you! Run over 4 weeks it covers some of the history of church planting in the UK as well as a theological basis for growing new communities of faith. Everyone is welcome.

The Plant Course

Run in collaboration with the Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication in London, this course equips teams who are planning to plant a New Worshipping Community within 18 months. 


 Growing Disciples Plan

It’s good to plan! Research shows that churches that plan to grow are more likely to experience growth. We have developed a simple tool to help church teams to form and develop plans.

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