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As part of the Church of England we serve over a million people through our network of around 300 churches across the city and county of Nottinghamshire, with two in South Yorkshire, and 73 church schools. We seek to live for Jesus and make his grace and truth known for everyone in our world today.

Our Vision

We believe there is nothing better anyone can do with their life than become a follower of Jesus Christ. For this reason we are committed to Growing Disciples, reaching wider in every community, connecting with younger generations to pass on the Good News of Jesus, and nurturing deeper roots of faith.

Our Diocese

We serve over a million people and represent the Church of England in Nottinghamshire and two parishes in South Yorkshire, sharing our faith, supporting communities and seeking the transforming presence of God to express Christianity in diverse, inclusive and vibrant ways across urban, suburban, estate, rural village, market town and post-industrial contexts.

Our People

Every person in each local church is called to join in with the mission of God. We seek to help and care for people in all the communities across our diocese, making a difference in living for Christ.


July 4

Today, we pray for Nottingham St Jude (John Allister) and The Diocese of Malindi – The Anglican Church of Kenya

diocese of southwell and Nottingham building from outside


Join Our Team

We’re always on the look out for talented and passionate people to join our ever growing team of people. Take a look at our vacancies below.

people welcomed in church with face masks on



Please Pray for those being Ordained to the Office of Priest on Saturday 2nd July and to the Office of Deacon on Sunday 3rd July in Southwell Minster LYNDA BLAKELEY Lynda grew up enjoying the beauty of living in both the north and south of Ireland. With her love of travel, she went on to live in South America and Kenya, moving to Nottingham 21 years ago. Home has always been a deeply formational place for her, being blessed by […]

Life Events

There are a range of services to mark special and significant moments in life.
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