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Our Vision

In every part of the diocese, our priorities are Growing Disciples – reaching Wider in every community, connecting with Younger generations, nurturing Deeper roots of faith.


Welcome new disciples

Telling the story of Jesus and inviting people to join us in the journey of faith is the core mission of every local church across our diocese. We believe that there is nothing better anyone can do with their life than become a follower of Jesus Christ. People of all ages and backgrounds are choosing to follow Jesus every day. We seek to be a diocese where every Christian and each local church has a compelling vision and plan for Growing Disciples – Wider, Younger and Deeper.


In 2016 our diocese established the Younger Leadership College to develop new and imaginative ways to support churches in growing younger Christian leaders, including mission to over 50,000 of our students in our 73 church schools and academies, as well as our work in universities and colleges. Our aspiration is to enable and equip new leaders to help fulfil our mission to reach more younger generations.

Grow new Worshipping Communities

We are thankful for all the congregations who worship across our existing churches, as well as our local partnerships with other denominations. But to reach many more people, we seek to establish new worshipping communities equipped to welcome and nurture faith in culturally sensitive ways that will be complementary to our present ministry.
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We are already focused on supporting our work with Children and Young People through our ReBuild programme, but there’s more to do. Our Resource Churches will, in time, support the training and equipping of future leaders for all forms of ministry, support nurture courses for all stages for discipleship, and help to plant and graft new worshipping communities. Many of our smaller churches can also foster the culture and instincts to become a Resource Church, working in partnership with other local churches, or across a benefice. If you’d like to find out how your church or faith community could be part of this, please get in touch.
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Serve as One Church

By contending for the gospel in every community and sphere of public life, we seek to develop meaningful and collaborative partnerships with groups from other faiths and organisations.
We seek to achieve our vision through a shared sense of joining together in the transforming mission of God, discerning and enabling missional leaders, pioneering discipleship of and with young people, creating a culture of wellbeing and most importantly learning to live daily in God’s presence through prayer, worship and the study of scripture.  We have set some prayerful aspirations to help realise this vision and are presently refreshing these as we look towards the life of the diocese leading up to 2030.


Questions about Faith and Life? Or looking for a Church to connect with? Use the links below to find out more
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