May 2022

In Lockdown 2020, Revd Jean Lamb, Associate Priest at All Hallows Church, Gedling, looked for a way to encourage her congregations and recreate a sense of normality. Through this, the CO:DID 20 exhibition was created. Alongside her son, designer Will McGrath, and her daughter-in-law, Ellie Buchan, Jean’s exhibition idea evolved into a way to digitally record everybody’s creative expressions. From the communities in Gedling and Lambley, they have received poetry, music, photography, crafts, art, scientific reflections – even pictures of a

As today is a bank holiday and we are encouraged to take a rest day, weremember those who cannot. Those who work to care for us and respond to our emergencies. Those who serve us as we shop and enjoy our leisure time. Lord, thank you for those who serve and thank you for our Servant King, Jesus.We also pray for the Diocese of West Lango – The Church of the Province of Uganda.

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