PENTECOST Thy Kingdom Come We for the witness and evangelism of our local worshipping communities. The Spirit of the Living God falls upon the Church and she is renewed. Today we pray at Pentecost for the revival of our witness to Christ and our Personal commitment to grow deeper in our faith. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful people and kindle in us the fire of your love. The Anglican Church of Canada

Thy Kingdom Come Day 5 Today, all over the world, churches are meeting people at their point of need in practical life-changing ways: providing warm hubs in cold cities, food banks for those struggling with the cost of living, help with starting micro-businesses, and reaching out to young people who feel society has nothing for them. By ourselves, we run out of strength, patience, or determination; but as we pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’ we are open to His abundant life and

SUNDAY AFTER ASCENSION Thy Kingdom Come Day 4 We are invited to walk with our Father to change how we treat the Earth now as we look in expectant hope to the heavenly city which is ours in Christ. We also pray all Christian people in our diocese, for our common witness and the gift of our different traditions. We pray for all members of the Anglican Communion around the world, for the Archbishop of Cantebury and all primates and bishops, and

Thy Kingdom Come Day 3 We pray for building community, breaking down hostilities: this is the work of our Blessed Lord, so much needed in our troubled world. We also pray for the witness and evangelism through our prison, hospital, university and workplace chaplains. Please pray for The Diocese of Ekiti – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

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