Proclamations Across Nottinghamshire

Hundreds gathered in the City Centre at the County Hall for the proclamation of King Charles III on Sunday 11th September . Bishop Paul led prayers for the King and the Royal Family, then he spoke to East Midlands Today to reflect on the proclamation.

During his interview, Bishop Paul said, “It’s wonderful to see crowds, both here and in the county, and the proclamations unfolding in our communities. I think people feel, although it’s a real sense of shock, it’s a reminder of the continuity that the monarchy brings, and the presence of our new King.”

Bishop Paul also spoke to Frances Finn on Radio Nottingham in the morning. You can listen to that here, starting at 2:37.

Bishop Andy was in Gedling for their proclamation where he prayed “let justice, truth, holiness, peace & love, & all the virtues that come from you [God] flourish in his reign.”

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