Start the Day on First Fridays with Bishop Paul and Sarah (156) – 2nd June 2023

In Start the Day for the first Friday of June, Bishop Paul and Sarah read from Proverbs 3 and speak about how God’s wisdom for life and constant personal care helps us to address our fears and find serenity.

On Thursday 8 June, join us for Diocesan Day of Prayer. Bishop Paul is at St Helen’s Selston at 8am and Bishop Andy is at St Mark’s Woodthorpe at 12:30pm. This will be followed by Evensong at Southwell Minster at 5:30pm and Contemporary Worship in the State Chamber at 7:45pm. Please sign up if you would like to join Bishop Paul and Sarah for a simple supper at Bishop’s Manor between worship before 12pm on Tuesday 5th June.

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