Apprentice Track 24/25 applications – now open!

We’re so pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 24/25 year of The Apprentice Track. There are 4 exciting pathways for 18-30s to deepen their faith, grow in community and develop as a leader. Scroll down to read some incredible stories and further details on how to apply.

Dan’s Story

I did the internship as a leap of faith. I had no end goal but knew I wanted to follow God and this was the first step in doing that. Through the internship I was able to grow deeper in my relationship with God alongside others who had given a year to do the same thing. Throughout the year I was encouraged to explore, and as I did I grew in faith, prayer, and developed habits that help me connect with Jesus and have Him as the centre of my life.

Through this journey with God and others I became passionate about youth work and despite not being familiar with the youth work world, I became aware of God calling me into this long term. By doing the internship I was able to step into this with tools in my backpack from incredible teaching, friends cheering me on, and an abundance of space to reflect and pray. I would encourage anyone who is considering the internship to say yes as I can say this was truly a transformational year for me into a future I could not have planned and would not have considered unless I had said yes to a year of exploration

Elisha’s Story

Why do the internship? For me, it was because God had been tugging at my heart for while to settle in and grow deeper. While I thought this meant working with a church and spending some time with God in between, in reality I found that he was searching deeper within, For wholeheartedness.

I found myself asking God to “change me from the inside out” that he would take me as I am and “make me unrecognisable” by the end of the year. I’ll be honest… I wasn’t expecting Him to take me so seriously. But this year I have experienced His great persuit for my heart. The Good, the bad and the ugly, and the ugly even more.

This year I really can see how giving a year to God in ministry has not only been one of the most powerful seasons of growth in my life. But it’s further been a year of discerning my ministry and making steps to get closer to that vocation. – Elisha

4 ways to get involved this year:

The Internship:
An opportunity to join a team at a local church and commit to a year of growging in discipleship and in leadership. You will be journeying in community with a dynamic cohort of other interns and young adults.

The Apprentice Track (programme only):
Intentionally designed to sit alongside normal working life or study, this is an opportunity for all 18-30s to go deeper in their journey of following Jesus. Every few weeks we gather together for a day of learning and discussing what it means to follow Jesus today. We then commit to practicing what we’ve talked about in our own context.

The Internship (Year 2):
A chance for those who have completed year 1 of the internship to dive deeper into their calling as they follow Jesus in specific roles of leadership within the church.

The Leadership Track (programme only):
The Leadership Track is a space for those in leadership in the church and the wider world, to be supported as they step into what God is calling them to. We believe leadership really matters and is worth investing in. This track offers teaching on the spiritual life of a leader, as well as practical tools for the journey.

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