Bishop Paul

On Sunday 5th March, St Mary's in the Lace Market hosted the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire’s Legal Service. The 458th High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Paul Southby, was joined by the Lord Lieutenant, the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council, the Lord Mayor of the City of Nottingham, as well representatives from the police and judiciary.

We are now just minutes away from Christmas Morning, but how would it be if we heard that at short notice Christmas had been cancelled this year. In the Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe, Mr Tumnus said to Lucy, “It is always winter in Narnia and has been for ever so long…always winter but never Christmas.” Can you imagine the dark nights closing in and the bitter cold of winter without the celebration of Christmas? C S Lewis understood what an unbearable

In Bishop Paul's Advent & Christmas message for 2022, against the backdrop of a difficult year for many across the world and closer to home, he speaks about how "fear may stalk in the darkness of our sorrow and sadness or our uncertainties about the future, but it need not overwhelm us because the light of Christ, the Everlasting Light, shines in the darkness and his perfect love can cast out all fear."

The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, Bishop Paul Williams has challenged the government in a debate on the Public Order Bill. The controversial proposed legislation is passing through the House of Lords. It make provisions for new offences relating to public order, to stop and search powers and to police functions relating to public order. In the debate on the Committee stage of the proposed legislation, Bishop Paul supported an amendment asked the government to define more clearly what would constitute ‘serious

Bishop Paul said, "For all the blessings of the Queen’s long reign, it is the character of her life that has left the deepest impression. We know, and commentators could not avoid, the reality that her life of service was shaped above all by her personal faith in Jesus Christ. And living with all the challenges of this present moment in history, I believe her life of faith can and should be an inspiration to the Church. The Queen’s own

It has been a quite momentous and emotionally turbulent week, certainly unprecedented for most of us in our lifetime. Last Sunday we knew that we would have a new Prime Minister and government within a few days but we did not imagine that by the following Sunday we would also have a new Sovereign, as our most beloved Queen, who for 96 years had fought the good fight and kept the faith, would finally finish the race marked out for

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