Bishop Paul

In the House of Lords yesterday Bishop Paul spoke in the debate on the number of children being committed into the care of local authorities. Drawing from his own experience as a foster carer, Bishop Paul highlighted the increasing financial challenges facing local authorities, the importance of funding services which provide early intervention, and the need to support existing foster carers.

In Bishop Paul's Easter sermon in the cathedral, he said, “because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, there is always hope.” “With all that is happening in our world at the moment, and maybe in our lives too, we need the Easter story as much as ever. Here is the true story of hope over despair, light over darkness, and the power of love over hatred, because of Jesus.” "Our Easter faith is about the love of God

Bishop Paul spoke in a debate in General Synod today supporting a Motion to prioritise estates evangelism. He shared the story of his mother’s journey to ordained ministry and went on to speak about “the importance of seeing the value of estate ministry as an integrated part of a diocesan vision that brings blessing and strength to the whole church, serving in very diverse contexts.”  Bishop Paul’s Full Speech In supporting this Motion, I speak with some passion and reason for deep

In his Christmas sermon in the Cathedral, Bishop Paul speaks about the peace that Jesus came to bring, and how knowing peace with God sets us free to be courageous peacemakers in our world today. He also gave special thanks for peacemakers working in conflict situations around the world, also for those working in the NHS and social care helping to support people living with the challenges around mental health. Read Bishop Paul’s Christmas Sermon in full below "Of all the bible passages

A question about Israel treatment of Christians in war-torn Gaza was asked by Bishop Paul in the House of Lords. During a session dedicated to an urgent question on the war, Bishop Paul raised details of two incidents concerning the small Christian population of the strip. The Israel Defense Forces are reported to have destroyed the entrance wall of the Anglican Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City, closing that facility, detaining most of its staff and leaving a tank on the rubble.  The second

Bishop Paul has contributed to the debate on the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill during its second reading in the House of Lords today (19 December). The draft legislation aims to update and simplify the UK’s data protection framework.  Bishop Paul told the Upper House that, “high quality data is crucial to creating and sustaining a healthy and efficient society. But it is vital to get the balance between ownership, access, control, and legitimate use of that data right. Human flourishing

Bishop Paul, speaking in the House of Lords today (18th December), called on the government to find greater funding for charities and voluntary organisations who support the homeless. He highlighted the remarkable work done by the charities Framework Housing Association and Emmanuel House in Nottingham.  “They do exceptional work alongside the City Council, in seeking to help the ten thousand people on the (housing) waiting list,” Bishop Paul told their Lordships.  “But the rising demand for social care and increased homelessness has, in

‘A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices. For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.’ In his Christmas message, Bishop Paul reminds us that Jesus’ birth restores hope to a weary world. He shares, "this is why the church exists, not because Christians have all the answers to the biggest questions of life or never feel weary, but because the peace of Christ that passes all understanding can settle our restless hearts and awaken in us a thrill of hope

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