We have 307 church buildings in the diocese, with 100 grade 1 listed; 68 grade 2* and 76 grade 2. From this page there is information about these churches and our resources for visitors and members.

 Advice During Covid-19 Virus

Church Building Closed Poster CofE – COVID-19

National advice from the Church of England Website:

Securing and caring for your church buildings during the Covid-19 pandemic:
advice for incumbents, churchwardens and PCC members (May Updates):


Guidance_for_churches_and_cathedrals_on_construction_work_v.1.3 Guidance_on_using_professional_contractors_v1.3_1

Ecclesiastical Church Insurance:

Collection Care Guidance for Museums and Historic Properties during the Covid-19 Crisis:

ICON collection_care_guide_for_museums_and_historic_houses_spencer_fry