Schools Taking Action to Protect Our World

During Thy Kingdom Come, schools across Nottinghamshire embarked on an inspiring mission to pray, clean up litter, and advocate for God’s world. Schools including Bunny CofE Primary, Holy Trinity CofE Infants School, Lowdham CofE Primary School, Burntstump Seely CofE Academy, Farnsfield CofE Primary School and Cotgrave CofE Primary School joined in to make a difference!

Our amazing students and teachers have taken to the streets and parks in their local communities, armed with litter pickers, bags, and a shared vision of preserving God’s world. They have collected litter and left friendly reminders for everyone to take responsibility for their waste by disposing of it properly.

At Burntstump Seely, the campaign has become an integral part of their enrichment program, guiding the students to explore their role in caring for the environment. Through educational activities and engaging discussions, they have gained a deeper understanding of their responsibility as stewards of God’s world. Their commitment translated into action as they ventured out to their local park for litter picking sessions.

Similarly, the children of Cotgrave Church of England Primary School took on the challenge with enthusiasm. From the youngest to the older students, each class ventured out into different areas of the community, collecting litter and making a visible impact.

Farnsfield CofE Primary School’s week began with an environmental focused worship assembly then their ambassadors, Eco-group, went out to do a litter-pick in their local park and skatepark. Fliss, their school dog, even got involved!

Overall, students were shocked at the amount of litter they collected, but they enjoyed having a positive impact on their local communities.

We encouraged everyone to capture before-and-after pictures, record the amount of rubbish collected, and leave behind signage to encourage people to think about their own impact on the environment.

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