An Easter Garden with a Twist

Local artist Dave Sawyer has painted a Easter Garden using an unconventional method – plastic bags!

Dave recently returned to St Mary’s Church in Greasley after shielding. Previously, he had painted the church, so he was approached by Revd Denise Dodd with a design and frame which was made by John Timby.

Dave experimented with brushes but decided to return to his previous methods of using plastic bags to create the effects with acrylic paint. He was influenced by artists such as Turner, Da Vinci and John Blockley.

Using the bag as a brush, Dave said: “It allowed me to create a lot of drama and mood. While I was painting, I listened to Mozart’s Requiem. It felt like I was driven by God to create this Easter Garden.”

On Easter Sunday, the tomb panel was drawn back to reveal the empty tomb and a bench with a shroud, then a small light to draw your eye to it.

There are some crosses in the background and then the sun comes over the wall. The sun rise is illuminating the crosses and the crown of thorns is under the sun as a legacy of Jesus’ sacrifice. In the background, you can see the rooftops of Jerusalem too.

Speaking about the Easter Garden, Revd Denise said: “It is spectacular & breath-taking! Dave’s skill has brought the dramatic movement of Christ’s death and resurrection right into the heart of God’s price of eternal love for us all. I will be saying with heartfelt joy ‘HE IS RISEN’ with pride & deep faithful commitment to the one who gives us fullness of life for free!”

Dave will be starting an art group at St Mary’s Greasley soon to help people connect with faith through creativity.

Artist Dave on the right and designer John to the left

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