Revd Naeem Bahadur’s Licensing 30th November

On Tuesday 30th November, Bishop Andy and Archdeacon Phil Williams licensed and installed Revd Naeem Bahadur as Priest-in-Charge of Radford All Souls and St Peter. Naeem was born into a Roman Catholic family in Pakistan as the youngest of eight children. He studied at Gujranwala Theological Seminary where he completed his Master of Divinity, and then served at the Presbyterian Church of Kalaswala for five years.In March 2013, God brought Naeem, his wife Rubina and Cyrus, their only child at the time, from Pakistan to the UK. Naeem worked at Boots and then as a security officer. Their life was hard, but they always found God’s favour.He trained for ordained ministry at the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, and served his curacy in the Parish of Hyson Green and Forest Fields at St Stephen with Saint Paul.Naeem and Rubina now have three children, Cyrus, Jeremiah, and Zara.As a family, they are excited to move to the Parish of Radford and to be a part of the faith journey of their community. Naeem’s hope for his parish is that everyone would experience the presence and love of God in their hearts and find their identity in Christ.

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