The Archdeacons’ Visitations

Every year, the Archdeacons’ Visitations take place. These are formal church services, during which Churchwardens across each Archdeaconry are admitted.

Archdeacon Tors Ramsey and Archdeacon Phil Williams gave thanks for the invaluable contribution churchwardens have made as well as celebrated those who are about to step into a new role.

This year’s services took place on 9 and 22 June at Southwell Minster, the theme was thanksgiving. Churchwardens affirmed their faith and pledged themselves to serving their churches.

Both evenings were well attended, and refreshments afterwards provided a great opportunity to mix and catch up with each other.

Archdeacon Phil said, “It was a joy to admit this year’s churchwardens who ranged from ‘first timers’ through to some who had done it for over 35 years. We heard encouraging stories and insights from two churchwardens, Kate Miller (Mansfield Woodhouse) and Clare Ashton (Clifton). Tors and I are so thankful for churchwardens and the ministry they exercise.”

Pictured: Revd Anna Alls with her churchwardens.

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