YCCN Climate Relay

The Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) set out on a relay walk from St. Ives to Glasgow ahead of the UK hosting the COP26 in November. Between these events, there are 750 miles and 140 days as they travel through 10 cities.

The YCCN, a Christian action group aged 18-30, saw these gatherings of world leaders as an opportunity to make their voices heard and organised a relay walk to raise awareness of the issues of climate change and to raise a voice to the gathering world leaders that young people want to see a change.

As Christians, we have been called to action against the climate crisis as it is a very real threat against God’s creation. We have a biblical duty to love and care for the natural world as well as our neighbours.

In September, the relay walk passed through Nottinghamshire. Bishop Andy and Growing Younger Disciples lead, Ruth Lee, joined many others from the diocese team and local churches. The relay continues north and ends on 30 October, the evening before the COP26 begins.

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