Eaton Village’s Fundraising Hero meets Revd Kate Bottley

For the last 20 years, Eaton village’s matriarch Joyce has been selling plants and fishing nets with an honesty pot outside of her house. The money she raises goes to All Saints’ Church’s fund for a kitchen and toilet to create a community space for their village.

Joyce, who is in her eighties, makes a special trip to Mablethorpe to buy the nets each summer. However, last Friday, all four nets were taken with no money left. Churchwarden Lucy sent out a gentle reminder online about how people could donate online if they don’t have change with them.

However, Lucy didn’t expect Revd Kate Bottley to share Joyce’s story on social media! So far, well-wishers online have raised over £800 for virtual fishing nets.

Joyce is thrilled with the donations and soon, they will be able to start work on the facilities for the church.

Yesterday, as a surprise for everybody – especially Joyce – Revd Kate attended the church’s Hymns & Pimms fundraising event! The Songs of Praise style service was arranged and led by Lucy, complete with attendees’ favourite hymns and refreshments.

Lucy has said that she and fellow churchwarden Adrian are already looking to hold another Hymns & Pimms due to its popularity.

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