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Sermons and Addresses

2020 was an unprecedented year. One that we will not quickly forget. It was dominated by Covid-19 and all the tragic ramifications of that. Untimely death, economic woe and perhaps hardest of all for many of us, significant restrictions on our lives. We all, in our own ways, experienced levels of loneliness and painful loss, having to face up to not being able to pursue our usual routines or engage in life as we are used to doing.

In his Advent & Christmas message for 2020, the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham, Paul Williams offers a message of hope to every person living in each community across this diocese, especially against the backdrop of this past year with all the challenges we have been living through.Bishop Paul offers words of encouragement, “Whatever this Christmas holds for you and for our world, may God bless you, and remind us that because of Jesus, there is always hope. God’s light

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