Energy Footprint Tool

Energy Footprint Tool

The Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) is a national Church of England tool for churches to record their energy use and calculate their carbon emissions. It forms part of online Annual Parish Returns.

All parishes are asked to enter their data. The EFT closes on 31st July 2023.

It helps us reduce our contribution to global warming, a vital part of Caring for God’s Creation.

Each year, churches enter their energy figures from utility bills for the previous year.

Churches are surveyed on:

  • Sources of energy used in church building(s)
  • Church energy usage
  • Building size and person hours

Where data is held elsewhere, for example attendance or building footprint, boxes are pre-populated. 

A guide to estimating usable floor space and visitor numbers is provided. 

You need only provide energy bills for 2022. 

On completion of the survey you receive carbon emission figures and energy efficiency scores for your church building and links to tips for reducing emissions, saving you energy and money.

How to Use the EFT

Login with your Username and Password at the Online Parish Return System . Once in you’re good to go and enter your data.

To request a login contact :

Energy Footprint Tool Instructions

Paper Copy of the Online Questions

Central Church of England EFT Webpages

Carbon Emissions Report 2021

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