Statistics for Mission


Please submit your 2023 Statistics for Mission form by 17th March 2024. 

This is an important national tool which helps shed light on how the Church of England is doing in terms of attendance and participation information. Whilst this only provides one angle on progress it is a helpful indicator towards the health of the church – as I am sure you have heard many times ‘a healthy church is a growing church.’ I often find it helpful to remind myself that each ‘number’ is a seeker or follower of Jesus and a real person that is part of God’s story – more than just a ‘number.’ 

We hope that 2023 will continue to show more positive signs as we all continue to pray that people will seek Jesus and grow in their faith in Him and see the central role the church plays in their faith journey. We long to see our churches across the diocese flourishing. 

In the Statistics for Mission 2023 form, we are again attempting to understand and recognise some important aspects of churches’ work in 2023. The main change from last year’s form is the special focus question at the end which is about new congregations / new worshipping communities. 

As ever, where exact numbers are unavailable, we would far rather have your best approximation than no information at all. The data you provide is used in many ways in both our Diocese and the National Church. For example, as a Diocese it helps us to measure trends and notice where new areas of mission and growth are developing. Whilst nationally the data helps form an essential foundation for discussions within Synod about the future of our church. 

Thank you, as always, for your assistance in helping us better understand the work of our churches. 

Data is submitted through the Online Parish Return System. It automatically checks for typographical errors and minor mistakes and gives you the opportunity to revise your figures before final submission. You can see the data for your church over time and download copies for your records. 

If you already have a username and password, this can be used again. If you require a reminder of your details or would like a new username and password, then please email

If you are unable to complete your form online, please complete the hard copy form as a Word document here or as a PDF here and return to Neil Peake, Jubilee House, 8 Westgate, Southwell, NG25 0JH. 

The Church of England has a Portal. The Portal has been designed to link all systems across the Church of England under one username and password. You can associate your Parish Returns account with it right now. You do not have to do this, but this will make things simpler for you in the future. Just go to and click on the “Register for an account.” Once your Portal is set up, click on the “Parish Returns” tile, and enter your existing Parish Returns username and password.  

Please submit your 2023 Statistics for Mission form by 17th March 2024. 

If you are interested in Church of England statistics more broadly further information can be found on the Data Services page on the national Church of England website. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact Neil Peake:

Thank you for all you are doing to support the mission and ministry of the church across the diocese as we seek to Grow Disciples, by seeing a move of the Spirit with an increase in people coming to and growing in their faith in Jesus. 

Summary of information: 

  • You can submit your data online here
  • If you do not have or you have forgotten your online username and password, please email 
  • The importance of question 6 – the October count. 
  • The October count dates are Sunday 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. You will also see that they are looking for figures for weekday services. 
  • Please submit your figures by 17th March 2024. 

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