The Diocesan Registry


The Diocesan Registry

The Registry provides the Registrar of the Diocese and Legal Adviser to the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, Registrar of the Consistory Court of the Diocese and Legal Adviser of the Diocesan Synod.

The Registrar and the Registry Clerk give advice to:

  • the Bishop, Suffragan Bishop and Archdeacons of the Diocese
  • clergy and licensed lay workers in the Diocese
  • chairman and secretaries of boards, councils, and committees of the Diocese
  • area deans of deanery synods in the Diocese
  • churchwardens and secretaries of PCCs in the Diocese

on legal matters properly arising in connection with the discharge of their ecclesiastical, synodical and parochial offices.

Advice is also available to members of the public concerning the law of marriage, baptism, confirmation and burial of the dead (coffin burials and cremated remains) according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.

The work of the Registry includes:

  • issuing documentation appointing clergy and licensed lay ministers to their posts
  • advising on baptism, marriage, burial and cremation
  • advising on Canon law of the Church of England
  • advising on Measures of General Synod
  • advising on Church Representation Rules
  • acting as Legal Adviser to Diocesan Synod
  • advising on church sites and burial grounds
  • administering the court office of the Consistory Court of the Diocese and processing Petitions for Faculties
  • issuing documentation relating to the Consecration / licensing of buildings / burial grounds
  • maintaining the Patronage Register
  • maintaining various diocesan records

The Registry is based in Jubilee House.

Diocesan Registrar
The Registrar of the Diocese is Amanda Redgate. Amanda is a solicitor.

Phone: 01636 817221
Mobile: 07879 056149

Registry Clerk
The Registry Clerk is Eleanor Dunleavy

Phone: 01636 817225

The Chancellor is the independent Judge for the Diocese in matters of church law, especially those which relate to the use of and reordering of church buildings and land including churchyards and other matters., which are heard in a Consistory Court. The Chancellor also acts as the Bishop’s legal adviser.

The Chancellor of the Diocese is Judge Mark Ockelton. Mark is Vice President of the Upper Tribunal.

The Deputy Chancellor is His Honour Judge Stephen Murch. Stephen is a Circuit Judge.

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