The Diocesan Advisory Committee

The Diocesan Advisory Committee

The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches is a statutory body established by enactment by Parliament of variously dated and revised Faculty Jurisdiction Measures & Rules. The DAC operates within a Constitution approved by Diocesan Synod in accordance with the above legislation.

The DAC acts as an advisory body on matters affecting places of worship and, in particular to give advice on the:

  • grant of faculties
  • architecture, archaeology, art and history
  • use, care, planning, design and redundancy
  • use and care of contents
  • use and care of churchyards and burial grounds
  • disabilities discrimination, health & safety and security
  • environmental factors and energy conservation

The Committee and Officers have to review and assess the degree of risk to materials, or loss of archaeological or historical remains or records, arising from any proposals relating to the conservation, repair, alteration or contents of places of worship, churchyards and burial grounds. They operate from a mission-centred perspective. It is the role of DAC members & advisers, to take action to encourage the care and appreciation of churches & churchyards and contents and for that purpose to promote methods of conservation, repair, construction, adaptation and redevelopment.

Contact: DAC Secretary, Jonathan Pickett Tel: 01636 817210  email:

For 2023, DAC dates and deadlines see the 2024 Annual Letter.

For the full list of the DAC Members, please see DAC Committee 2022-2024.

For a full list of the DAC Advisers, please DAC Advisors 2022-2024.

To make an application for works to your church building or churchyard please use the Online Faculty System

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