National Resources & Local Safeguarding Policies

National Resources & Local Safeguarding Policies

There are a wealth of helpful resources, information and templates relating to safeguarding in the Church of England that can be found on The Church of England Website

Parish Safeguarding Handbook (2018)

Safeguarding E-Manual

The e-manual will soon be the only place you can access practice guidance, the e-manual currently covers the following areas:

  • Declaration of Conflict of Interest
  • Responding Well to Victims and Survivors of Abuse
  • Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults
  • Safeguarding Learning and Development Framework
  • Safeguarding in Religious Communities
  • Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance
  • Ukrainian refugees

However, there are still some standalone policies that will eventually become part of the e-manual listed below.

Practice guidance

Safer Environments and Activities – this contains guidance for filming and photography

Responding well to domestic abuse practice guidance (2017)

Safeguarding in Religious Communities 

Safer recruitment practice guidance (2016)

Key roles and responsibilities of church office holders and bodies practice guidance (2017)

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns or Allegations that relate to Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults practice guidance (2018)

Responding to, assessing and managing concerns or allegations against church officers practice guidance (2017)

Training and development practice guidance (2017)

Forgiveness and Reconciliation 

Theological Resource 

Joint practice guidance LEP’s 

Joint practice guidance Safeguarding Records

Policy Statements

Promoting a Safer Church; House of Bishops policy statement (2017)

Protecting All God’s Children (safeguarding policy for children and young people, 4th edition, 2010)

Promoting a Safe Church (safeguarding policy for adults, 2006)

Model Parish Safeguarding Policy 

Glossary reference document (2017)

Templates and Resources

Local Policy and Practice Guidance

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

Survivor Engagement Protocol

Diocesan Safeguarding Policy Statement

Whistle Blowing Policy – Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham

Complaints Policy for Southwell and Nottingham Diocese

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