Lay Ministry

Lay Ministry

We want to encourage everyone to play their part within God’s church. Here are some of the ways we recognise particular shapes of lay ministry.

Licensed Lay Ministry

A Licensed Lay Minister (LLM) is a lay person who, following a call from God, is trained and licensed by the Bishop to teach the faith, enable mission and lead in Church and society. LLMs play a role in the wider leadership where they serve and minister in one or more of the following areas:

·   Preaching & services

·   Children’s and Youth Work

·   Evangelism & Nurture Courses

·   Local Missional Leader

For more information on our diocesan LLM scheme, click here.

Authorised Ministry

An Authorised Minister is a lay person who exercises a defined local ministry under the bishop’s authority. This could include leadership of a particular ministry area, or ongoing involvement in preaching or worship leading. If you think this might be for you, speak first with your incumbent or church warden if your church is in vacancy. Together, you can approach James Halstead (Principal of the School of Discipleship) to explore a way forward, which may include some training support.

Commissioned Ministry

The parish leadership can ask for the Bishop (or his representative) to publicly commission an individual or team for particular ministries. This serves as a way to affirm and encourage the great work happening within local contexts.

Lay MDR document
Lay MDR Timescales

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