The Church History Project (CHP)

The Church History Project (CHP)

Work on the Church History project was begun by the late John Severn. He wished to set up a reliable database of historical information about all of the churches of Southwell & Nottingham Diocese (then still known as Southwell Diocese). After John Severn’s death in 1998 the project was taken on by a team drawn from the Diocesan Advisory Committee and the University of Nottingham.

In 2008 the Project was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable the research to be completed, and the project to be extended as a resource for tourism and education. This phase of the Project came to an end in 2014. However, the research and the work on the website continues.

The Church History Project aims to:

establish a database of information on the 300+ churches and 100+ former churches and sites and to provide internet web pages for wider circulation

help parishes appreciate their church buildings and provide booklets and information for visitors and tourists

provide historic information to Church Architects, Archaeologists and Conservators to enable them to make proposals on maintenance and improvement of our churches in a more informed way

promote church buildings as resources for schools and colleges

enable family historians to seek out information by ensuring that records are properly protected and preserved

Please access the website here

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