Repairs and Maintenance


The day to day care of your church building and churchyard is an ongoing task and often an onerous one. The DAC can help advise with much of this but in the first place seek advice from your own church architect and with reference to your latest Quinquennial Report for guidance. Most like for like repairs can be done under List B (see The DAC and also the Online Faculty Sections). Changes to your building or churchyard will need a Faculty.

DAC Guidance Note 1 Quinquennial Inspections & Reports

For some general advice see the Churchcare website:

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) has good advice related to a variety of repair and maintenance issues

Historic England the main body for consulting when making changes to a listed church building has advice in this area

The Arthur Rank Centre is an ecumenical national charity, which resources, trains, and advocates for rural Christians, rural churches and the communities they serve.

Health & Safety

PCCs must insure against the usual risks. The Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, have a range of resources available to PCCs, including guidance on a range of matters from fire and safety to the benefits of keeping churches open to visitors

Where a church is undertaking a significant project, duties arise under the CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Your architect or surveyor will be able to guide you on making the necessary appointments. Advice can be obtained from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)

The safety of gravestones in burial grounds is an important issue. The Ministry of Justice has produced guidance that will help churches in assessing and managing the safety risk.

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